Organizations that make a difference



(Well in this case, Boise and Idaho)


On November 10, 2014, We were able to attend a wonderful event at Crescent Rim Condominiums highlighting the organization Feed the Gap. This organization was formed by professionals who are committed to making a difference by finding, and funding programs that directly feed children in a cost effective manner.  Their goal is two-fold; They support nonprofits feeding children in Idaho, and want to eradicate childhood hunger in our state.


Snapshot: Feed the Gap


Who They Are

Feed the Gap, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 C-3 fundraising organization providing supplemental funds to underfunded Idaho-based child food programs. We are a group of professional people donating our time to eliminate child hunger in Idaho. We use a cost effective model of finding and funding organizations with the most efficient, real-value programs. We assure our donors their funds will feed the most children possible and with the most nutritious food available. We track and report to our donors how their monies were spent.



According to the USDA, over 16 million children live in food insecure (low food and very low food security) households in the United States in 2010. Essentially that is 22% of children living in poverty in the United States.


In Idaho, more than 80,000 children live in poverty, with 31,000 living in extreme poverty, which is 19% and 7.5% of Idaho’s population.


Additionally, 170,863 children in Idaho participate in the School Lunch Program and 94,000 children in Idaho receive food stamps.
(This data is compiled as of January 26, 2012. For data sources and methodological notes, visit


Proper nutrition is essential to the growth and development of children. Not only are these children not receiving enough food to develop healthy bodies and brains, but they return to school Monday morning ill from lack of food over the weekend. Research indicates that hungry children do more poorly in school and have lower academic achievement because they are not well prepared for school and cannot concentrate. (Cook, John. Feeding America. “Child Food Insecurity; the Economic Impact on our Nation”, 2009)



We find Gaps in funding; assure our donors their donations are being spent in the most efficient, cost effective manner; and we Feed the Gap.